A.N.F. Entreprendre

Qui-sommes-nous ?

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said "The greatness of a profession is perhaps, above all, to unite men: there is only one true luxury, and that is human relations" Terre des hommes (1938). On the strength of this sound advice, the A.N.F. Entreprendre - Business Club committee invites you to come and meet entrepreneurs or company executives, particularly knowledgeable in one or more particular fields, to discuss a range of topics.

The purpose of this committee is to enable the members of this group to meet, share and help each other on issues related to the business world.

These exchanges can cover all aspects of the business:

  • How to set up a business, expand, ...
  • How to develop your business: digital development, lean, safety issues in companies, ...
  • How to manage your business,
  • ...

The group is open to all active A.N.F. members, i.e. entrepreneurs, executives or employees in business or government. It is also open by co-optation to other active members of the A.N.F. who share the same values, such as hard work, honor, excellence, a sense of service and the desire to pass on knowledge.

We meet regularly, between 6 and 10 times a year. Some meetings may be sub-grouped to address specific issues. Several activities are organized.

1- Conferences with influential figures from the business world

By way of example, the following have already attended:

  • Stanislas de Bentzmann, Co-Chairman, Devoteam Group
  • Xavier Hurstel, CEO, PMU
  • Augustin de Romanet, Chairman and CEO, ADP,
  • Hubert de Boisredon, Chairman of ARMOR Group,
  • Edouard de Jenlis, CEO of Magimix,
  • Bertrand Soubelet, Gendarmerie General,
  • Stanislas de Quercize, Cartier,
  • Claude de Saint Vincent , Media Participations
  • ...

2 - The A.N.F. Entreprendre prize

The A.N.F. Entreprendre prize is launched to reward a business creator. The prize is worth 10,000 euros.

The presidents of the jury were :

  • 6th edition : Thibault de Saint-Vincent, Chairman of Barnes International.
  • 5th edition: Thibault de Saint-Vincent, Chairman of Barnes International.
  • 4th edition: Stanislas de Quercizes.
  • 3rd edition: Stanislas de Bentzmann, Chairman of Devoteam.
  • 2nd edition: Stanislas de Bentzmann, Chairman of Devoteam.
  • 1st edition: Geoffroy de Roux de Bezieux, President of MEDEF.

3- Entrepreneur Meetups

We organize meet-up sessions for business creators (excluding consultants, self-employed professionals and lawyers). The list of participants is nominative. Participants must also bring a name from the family table. The aim is to enable peers to ask each other questions, help each other grow and develop.

4- A.N.F. Passerelle

We created A.N.F. Passerelle to help put people looking to finance their business in touch with people looking to invest. It's a matchmaking service, not a financial advisory service.

5- Professional catalog

We also plan to develop a professional catalog. Like the Yellow Pages, this catalog will enable A.N.F. members to offer their services.