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One of the oldest forms of A.N.F. mutual aid is the award of scholarships to students in higher education, as well as to high-school students, A.N.F. members or children of A.N.F. members, whose families are unable to meet the cost of tuition and living expenses (rent, travel, etc.).

This is done after discreet examination of a file containing information on the family's financial situation, academic results and the student's adherence to A.N.F. values.The file is then presented to the Scholarship Committee, which makes a collective decision.

Faced with an uncertain future, the A.N.F. is committed to helping young people in their studies to face the life that awaits them.

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Procedure :
- Spring/Summer: request a form from or via the association's website under the "Apply for a scholarship" tab. The completed application form will be sent to you within a few days.
- September: complete application to be returned to (deadline for receipt of completed applications: September 30).
- October: meeting of the scholarship award committee
- November/December: first payment (50% of scholarship)
- February: second instalment sent (50% of the scholarship)

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