The A.N.F. brings together representatives of the nobility of France to facilitate mutual assistance between its members.

Since its creation in 1932, the A.N.F. has endeavored to provide material, moral and cultural support to French noble families and individuals. It encourages exchanges between different families and generations in all our provinces and abroad.

Today, with 5,300 members, we are able to help those who need our help thanks to the time, talents and networks of our members, as well as membership fees and donations.

As the guarantor of the authenticity of French nobility, the A.N.F. is recognized as a key contact. It is frequently consulted, and its evidence files are carefully archived.

Material assistance has developed over the years, and the various sectors have expanded and modernized, but it's remarkable how far-sighted our founders were, for almost all these activities existed in principle from the outset! They have been taken up again, updated, renovated, "revisited" and expanded, but more often than not they had been conceived from the very creation of the association.

Moral mutual aid means that the A.N.F. helps its members to protect and respect the family, the name, moral and spiritual values and Christian roots.

As guardian of the name and history of the nobility, the A.N.F. has a library of nearly 5,000 volumes, listed on paper and computer files, specializing in works concerning nobility, heraldry and genealogy, acquired or donated by our members or their authors.

It has also published "compendia of proven performers" and directories of its members.

Since its inception, the A.N.F. has welcomed 14,813 people representing 2,794 families; it currently has 4,800 members.