Defending the name

Qui-sommes-nous ?

The "Commission de la défense du nom" has existed since the creation of our association, in 1932, and its main function is to monitor, inform and advise our member companies.

The watch is ensured by daily reading of the J.O. (the official gazette), which publishes :

  • name change requests and
  • name change authorizations

The information
, if published in the J.O., is brought to the attention of the head of the family concerned, if he or she is a member of the A.N.F., or failing that, to the other members of the same family, with a view to possible objections.

All "requests" and "authorizations" are published in our quarterly newsletters (January, April, July, October), which can also be consulted on our A.N.F. website.

Our advice is to guide you through the procedure with the Ministry of Justice and, if necessary, to provide you with the address of a lawyer who can assist you in the process.a lawyer who can assist you in your appeal to the Conseil d'Etat, if authorization to bear the name in question has been granted by decree against your request.