Qui-sommes-nous ?

From the outset, Escapade has enabled members, mainly from the JNF, to put into practice the values of mutual aid, solidarity and self-sacrifice, which are the very principles of nobility and therefore of the A. N. F., towards their fellow man.We also accompany disabled people whose parents or families are members of the A.N.F. for moments of sharing and encounter.

These encounters enable us - both those accompanied and those accompanying them - to make progress in all areas, both spiritual and human, and to carry out group and, in some cases, individual actions with them.

In practice, we meet twice a month for dinner (on Thursdays) and an outing (usually on Saturday afternoons).

Activities range from visits to museums and monuments, to circus performances and boat rides. Pentecost is also Escapade's high point: this weekend is an opportunity for us all to get together for a weekend away, as we did in 2018 in Le Puy-du-Fou and in 2015 in Rome.

Our membership is made up of around ten disabled people and a dozen companions. Groupe Escapade is not a closed circle - it's yours too! That's why we need your help: whether you're a student or a professional, come and join our team of companions. A.N.F. families, if one of your children or grandchildren has a disability, contact us so that we can welcome them.

We're counting on you!

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