Ceremonial dress

Qui-sommes-nous ?

The aristocracy is attached to elegance, both in attitude and presentation.

The A.N.F. aims to promote this tradition among its members.

For each of us, these events vary in frequency, but this should never be a reason to forgo the occasional dress that sets a family apart. Indeed, in the words of Giorgio Armani, " true elegance is not that which is noticed, but that which is remembered ". So what about the memory of inelegance?

In 2022, the A.N.F. has launched a new service to facilitate access to formal wear, at a modest cost, wherever you are in France, with shipment and return of garments by Colissimo. The service is open to A.N.F. members and their children. Initially, Tenue de cérémonie will offer jackets, pants, vests and women's hats on loan.

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