Young Families

Qui-sommes-nous ?

The Jeunes Familles group is aimed at families registered with A.N.F., with at least one child under the age of 18.

In this lively setting, and in keeping with A.N.F. values, parents meet regularly for a variety of cultural, recreational, sporting, educational and spiritual activities.

Jeunes Familles groups can be found in Île-de-France, Bretagne, Maine-Anjou, Aquitaine and Gascogne-Languedoc.

Jeunes Familles in Île-de-France brings together nearly 70 households, including 90 children under 10 and 80 teenagers between 10 and 17.

It organizes roughly one activity a month, depending on the age of the children:

- Saint Nicolas around December 6 (under 8s)

- Carnival in March (under 10s)

- Museum visit (8 to 14 years)

- Pizza evening-Games, dinner, film, bowling, visits, exhibitions... (middle school students)

- Visits, billiards, climbing, cinema - Debate, amateur theater, religious group concert... (high school students)

- Back-to-school dinner or cocktail party (parents)

- A day in the sunshine with all family members (lunch, visit, theater initiation, conference...)