Ouest France: "In Finistère, Yvonne is 100 years old and has 62 great-grandchildren... " And there's more to come!""

05 July 2024 Press review
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Born in Anjou, Yvonne de Kermenguy has lived in Guilers (Finistère) since her marriage in 1946. On the occasion of her 100th birthday, she received wishes from the municipality at her home on Wednesday July 3, 2024.

On the threshold of her home, Yvonne de Kermenguy surrounded by two of her sons, Olivier and Philippe, her daughter-in-law Haude and the elected representatives who came to wish her a happy birthday. | OUEST-FRANCE

On Sunday June 30, Mayor Pierre Ogor greeted Yvonne de Kermenguy at the polling station where she was fulfilling her electoral duty on the eve of her 100th birthday. Three days later, on Wednesday July 3, when he came to present his best wishes at her home, he joked: " Since the other day, you've gone from two digits to three! " The humorous reply: " Yes, but zeros don't count!

Born Yvonne Ernault de Moulins, the new centenarian was born in Miré (Maine-et-Loire) on July 1, 1924.

" I was the 7th of eight children. I had three sisters born before the 14-18 war. One lived 104 years and another 100 years and one month."

In Guilers for 78 years

At the age of 22, Yvonne married Jean de Kermenguy (OF du 27-06-22), who was born in Carantec and was just one year old when his parents moved to Coat-Hir-Bescond in Guilers. Yvonne met him while the young man was studying at the Agricultural School in Angers.

When I arrived here, there were 120 farms in the commune," she recalls. Everyone knew each other and helped each other out.

Farmingand the birth of seven children at home between 1947 and 1959 gave her little respite. "The most complicated thing is that when it's time for the kids, it's also time for the cows ", she notes.

The year 1952 left its mark on her: " I didn't have any children, but in November I got my driver's license and electricity came into the house.

No TV, no drugs

In her life, Yvonne de Kermenguy has " really enjoyed gardening and sewing ". She has also volunteered to help with homework. Until 2020, " I also visited the elderly a lot. With my car, I had my freedom but, at the time of the Covid, the battery was flat and my son told me it was providential ..."

A widow since 1996, Yvonne confides: " My ears are 100 years old, but my eyes are still fine. I read a lot. I do crosswords, I subscribe to Ouest France games and, every evening, I play Scrabble by myself.

She continues: "I don 't understand much of the news any more, and there's no TV in my house. I don't take any medication. I haven't needed them. It's thanks to my children that I'm still able to live at home.

Her descendants include 19 grandchildren and 62 great-grandchildren (31 boys and 31 girls), " and there's more to come! " she warns.

This very large family of 110 members will soon be getting together to celebrate the 100th anniversary of " Bonne-maman " in style.